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Monday, May 25, 2015 | 4:13 PM CDT

Congressman lecturing to EMBA students

Washington Campus

Understanding how the federal government impacts business is essential for today's managers. To meet this need, our participants take part in the Washington Campus Seminar, a four-day program in the nation's capital that offers participants an inside view of the institutions and decision-making processes that impact every organization.

Each year, we work with the Washington Campus to design a seminar specifically for our participants. The seminar usually includes a variety of speakers, including current and former government officials, media personalities, political party representatives, federal regulators, and government staffers. These speakers provide an inside look at the workings of our government and the Washington scene.

This mandatory trip takes place during May after the first year of the program.

The program cost of the Executive MBA Program includes the seminar fee and hotel for Washington Campus.