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Wednesday, May 27, 2015 | 10:38 PM CDT

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Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Aid

When can I apply for financial aid?

You can complete the FAFSA during the admissions application process, but financial aid will not be awarded until you are officially accepted into the program.

Does financial aid cover the entire program cost?

Students can apply for loans up to the estimated cost of attendance of the program. The Federal Direct Loan Program can cover up to $20,500 (with the submission of the FAFSA) and the remainder can be funded through a Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan or an alternative loan.

As an international student, what are my options for financial aid?

International students (who are not permanent residents and not eligible to submit the FAFSA) are not eligible for federal loans.  However, international students can apply for alternative loans through a private lending institution. (This typically requires a creditworthy, U.S. citizen co-signer).

May I receive financial aid in conjunction with the Hazlewood Act?

Yes. The Hazlewood Act will cover only Texas A&M University graduate tuition and fees, which will help to defray a portion of the program cost. Applicants can receive financial aid to cover what the Hazlewood Act does not.

When do I have to start paying back my student loans?

Repayment begins six months after graduation or dropping below half-time status. 

How long do I have to pay back my federal student loans?

Typically, repayment is over a 10-year period. Loans can be repaid early with no prepayment penalties. 

How do I view and process my financial aid package?

To view and process your financial aid offer, visit the Howdy portal, then go to "My Finances" and then select the "Financial Aid Portal."  You can process your offer, check the status of your aid, and obtain any missing information requested by the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid.